Welcome To Summer – 2017 Edition

Dear Hardback Hollowers,

Ah, a new summer, a new season of reading. Welcome to summer and let’s enjoy! I hope you find yourself loving this summer’s books as much as I will, and that you are thankful for this time off. I certainly am; not that I don’t love academics, but everyone needs a reprieve. This summer has already started off wonderfully. I have a stack of 18 books waiting by my desk to be read, and I’ve already finished one tonight (so make that 17). Maybe this stack will last me a week.

When I’m not reading, I will be learning French, Italian, and Hindi, while brushing up on my Spanish. I’ll also be painting, sketching, running, working on strength, reading, reading, reading, (*eh hem*), and… drum roll please… taking a trip to FRANCE, ENGLAND, and IRELAND. And what will I be doing there, you might be wondering? Well, when I’m not taking classes at Oxford and walking through Paris, I’ll be reading more books. Suprising, no?

If anyone has any recommendations for stops on my European tour, please let me know! And as always, I’m eager to hear your book recommendations and comments. I hope you all have a fantastic summer!

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake


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