Review #25

Heartless by Marissa Meyer was unforgettable. I’m still stunned. (And slightly mad)

Meyer sweeps you into Wonderland faster than you can blink, and I had no choice but to binge read this. Every character she retold in her own way was blisteringly perfect, and I fell for Jest just like Catherine did.

Despite this being a story of the well-known Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, I was clinging to the hope that Cath would have a happy ending. That she would have her lemon-eyed fool. That she would open her bakery and bake sweets until her gray hair was forever flour-filled. That she would never ever marry the King.

And yet those silly wishings were snatched away from me by Meyer, crushed under the truth of this fairytale: The Queen of Hearts would end up heartless. I desperately hoped that I’d never read the words “Off with his head” coming from our beloved baker girl, but in a cruel and ironic stab, those were the last words of the book.

In my soul I will continue to believe that Jest and Cath made it, that their love never extinguished, and that Jest wasn’t murdered. To do anything otherwise would probably make me cry.

In short, this book was perfect (I reward few novels with this description), and I encourage Marissa Meyer to never stop writing.

I never actually made a Currently Reading post for this book because one minute I was about to open Glass Sword, and the next I was eyeing Heartless as it sat on my ever-growing bookshelf. So, here’s a picture of this beautiful cover in the tradition of Hardback Hollow Currently Readings:

Image result for heartless marissa meyer

(This image belongs to

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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