Review #23

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas!


Book 5 of the spectacular Throne of Glass series left fans in shock. But it also gave us the unrelenting craving for the next book to be released. Once again, thank you Mrs. Maas!

Before anything else, I think these need to be addressed:

Aelin and Rowan! Elide and Lorcan! Lysandra and Aedion! Manon and Dorian! These characters bring fire, ice, wind, and strength to Terrasen’s army and I love them all.

Now to the actual story itself. As expected, I fell in love with it from the very first page, just like every other one of Maas’ books. Empire of Storms had such a deeply woven plot of the past, present, and future of our beloved leader of this saga, Aelin Ashryver Galanthynius. Every moment was packed with intensity and the wickedness of the looming war; even the happy times. Aelin has so many bonds and ties extended to all around the land of Erilea that it’s hard to not expect her to be victorious as you’re reading this. How could Rowan’s Fireheart, the Queen That Was Promised, Aelin of the Wildfire, Heir of Mala Fire-Bringer be defeated by Maeve after such victory? I don’t accept, I can’t accept, that Aelin was captured and taken from her friends. The friends that would die for her, kill for her, wage war for her.

It was so amazing to have the spotlight shown equally on all of the characters in this book. Maas has already mastered keeping us engaged in all of the different lives, but this was the most impressive yet. Aedion, Rowan, Lorcan, Elide, Manon, Lysandra, and Dorian had such strong parts in the plot and their perspectives were just as interesting as Aelin’s, if not more at times. Dorian has grown so much. He’s not just the king that was saved and rescued, the one who was blessed with a lick of magic, but he is now powerful and independent like the rest and he finally realizes his strength. Elide, despite having a lame ankle, is one of the strongest at heart. She fought her entire life just to serve at Aelin’s feet and to be accepted into her court. Lady Elide is brave, loyal, and passionate, and Lorcan doesn’t deserve her. Althooough, Lorcan is amazing. How he would do anything for Elide is endearing, but also dangerous. He literally brought a war down onto Aelin’s court to protect her from a false threat. Rowan… it’s impossible to describe Rowan properly. He is the wind to Aelin’s fire, her carranam, her mate, her husband, her love, her support. And she is his Queen. With them seperated now I’m slightly expecting him to rip apart Maeve the second he sees her.

I could go on forever about this book, but for now that’s all. I’ll be waiting for Book 6 is all I can say, and when I get it, I might just cry if anything happens to Aelin.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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