Review #7


Okay… *eh hem* the review. Right. (Spoilers included!!!)

A Court of Mist and Fury truly knocked me off my feet. The bargain struck between our favorite dark prince (I ❤ RHYS) and Feyre at first seemed like a curse, but Maas surprised us with a twist in this tale. The once lovely and welcoming Spring Court is now no better than a prison, yet the feared Night Court is a beautiful haven. Tamlin has become a BEAST. Rhys and Feyre have to join forces to stop the imminent war… but along the way Feyre realizes whom she can really trust and who was meant to be from the start. This book is spectacular in every sense of the word and I LOVE it. It’s full of so many plot twists that I couldn’t even handle it and the things you learn about all of the characters… it’s just glorious.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

P.S.- Rhysand is gumdropbestpersonamazingnessyesyesshadowprincecinnamonrollsunshine that everyone should love, and Tamlin is eeevil.

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