Review #2

Same Difference.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed after reading this for a second time. Wow… I mean WOW Siobhan Vivian. At first this story seemed bland yet mildly interesting, but this time I really soaked up the message. Not only that, I was able to almost perfectly line it up with things happening in my life. It’s sort of a scary experience when a random book seems to map out everything that is happening to you. I really relate to the character Emily and I had a long car ride after reading this book to think about some things I should probably apologize for. As it so happens, I also love art but I’m really inexperienced, just like Emily. I found myself falling for Yates; a sweet and charming character that had me rooting for him from the start, and I really pitied Fiona. Siobhan portrayed her as so confident, yet underneath all of her fierce attitude was an insecure girl who was scrambling for some talent that she knew she had. I loved it. This book seems ordinary at first glance, but it’s so insightful and incisive once you really stop to think about it. The ending, although it wasn’t sad, made me cry. Everything worked out and Emily started new. It was perfect. Thank you Siobhan Vivian for writing this novel! It deserves much more attention!

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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