Review #30

The day that Always and Forever Lara Jean was released to bookstores (a month later than anticipated, might I add) I drove to the nearest Barnes and Noble and bought an B&N exclusive edition. I was finished reading it by the end of the night.

Jenny Han, my first thought was simply this: that was the perfect way to conclude the trilogy of Lara Jean. For a while there I was very upset with you, but then you fixed everything and made it amazing.

In this third book we get to see a more raw side of Peter: not so arrogant, confident, and haughty as before (but yes it’s still there). His emotions are making him vulnerable, and it’s so endearing to witness. He is so invested in the relationship that he can’t pretend like it doesn’t matter. Lara Jean didn’t change much (thank goodness because she was already perfect), but at the same time she grew a lot.

This final book may have seemed unnecessary to some people, but it was the perfect sendoff for Lara Jean and Peter as they make the journey into college and the rest of their lives. As always, the writing was realistic and adorably cute, but also painful at times. Han made sure to keep us on the edge of our seats as she nearly destroyed the relationship we’ve all come to adore, and then she brought it all back together and tied it with a nice bow.

Everything about this book was good. I can’t really form proper words to describe it, but let’s just say the feeling I’m getting is fuzzyloveycutsieadorkablePeteramazing.

Since I didn’t make a Currently Reading for this (because I was too busy reading it), I’ll share the cover photo now.

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With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

Review #18

We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han was a nice end to her Summer Trilogy. It was good… just a tad predictable. Love triangles are tricky that way, the readers can almost always guess what “twist” will happen next. Other than the fact that about halfway through I could have bet money on her choosing Conrad, the plot was interesting enough and I liked the conclusion. Honestly, I really like Jeremiah as a character. He’s fun and goofy and kind. I even can admit that Belly and him were cute together. But they weren’t meant to be like Conrad and Belly were. Plus, I was mostly mad at him during this book because he cheated on Belly. That was terrible. Conrad may be an introvert and really condescending sometimes, but he’d never do that to her. It’s hard to blame any of them for their actions though because Susannah died and that made everyone practically lose themselves.

This was a pleasant read. Not too exciting and not very suprising, but fun nevertheless. Jenny Han certainly made a good trilogy for being a new writer at the time.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

Review #17

It’s Not Summer Without You really tugged at my heart. I started reading it thinking that Conrad and Belly were finally a happy couple… and then apparently they weren’t. Conrad was such a jerk at Belly’s prom. And this entire time Jeremiah has been pining for Belly and no one even pays attention to him. It was just so hard to read this because Jenny Han makes it impossible to choose between Susannah’s boys. Speaking of Susannah… I cried when she died. The friendship that Laurel and Susannah had literally spanned over a lifetime. To have that close of a friend where your children are raised together and you never spend more than a year apart is so special.

I really liked the way this novel was set up, and the character development along the way was really interesting. I hope Jeremiah and Belly actually work out and that Conrad just learns to live without Belly. I don’t want him trying to come back to her in the next book. Although… of course he will because this is a love triangle and what else would the next novel be about? 😛

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake