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The Twentieth Book!


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven was a heartbreaking and realistic story of two people who saved each other and found their own bright place together. Finch and Violet’s tragedies brought them closer, to a more perfect existence simply by knowing each other, and they could hope for life to work out. I enjoyed this book immensely, and I felt Violet’s pain as it was slowly more obvious that Finch was gone. Every clue broke her more. I loved the characters; they were all so real. Germ Magazine has been created by Jennifer Niven just as it was in the story by Violet, and Eleanor and Violet’s blog exists as well. Thank you Jennifer Niven for a great story and more importantly, your urgency to all your readers to ask for help when it is needed. There is never no hope.

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Ivy B. Lake

Finch Quote

“What if life could be this way? Only the happy parts, none of the terrible, not even the mildly unpleasant. What if we could just cut out the bad and keep the good? This is what I want to do with Violet–give her only the good, keep away the bad, so that good is all we ever have around us.”

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I’m trying to squeeze as many books as I can as the days tick down for the end of Summer 2016! My next one will be All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. It was recommended to me on Goodreads so hopefully I’ll like it. 🙂

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