Review #29

C.K. Kelly Martin’s One Lonely Degree is a beautiful depiction of a teenage girl’s life: beautiful in the sense that it’s realistic. It was almost too easy to fall into this story and suddenly be living Finn’s life. Martin did a wonderful job slowly revealing everything to us, and at the same time making sure we weren’t waiting too long.

Jersey… well, he was certainly a Beautiful Boy as Finn likes to say. Inside and out.

The way relationships seemed to dissolve in this book was so so real. Her parents, her friendship with Audrey, and even the tentative love between her and Jersey appeared strong and then just melted into an ugly mess of loss and heartbreak. Finn’s struggles and her thoughts can appeal to readers young and old; those who are experiencing it and those who did. This story is simple and short, but it will make you feel.

Thank you Ms. Martin! One Lonely Degree has earned a spot on my bookshelf.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake