Review #50

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Alexander Solzhenitsyn is one of the most remarkable books revealing what went on in the gulags of the Soviet Union, and it all happens over the course of one day. Between the inhumane conditions and the bleak atmosphere the novel promises to be a boring recount of a historical event. The story quickly follows the clever and resourceful Shukhov through his daily life and drags the reader into the horrible reality of the camp.

I read this at a time that coincided with my newfound love for history, which made the historical context much more intriguing to me. Until this year I had always hated history and said it was my least favorite subject, but through the enlightening education of my teacher this year and novels like this one I find myself hungry for more knowledge. What happened? Where? When? Why?

Reading this book made me grateful that I have clothes on my back and a real spoon to eat with, to say the least.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake