Review #48

Morgan Matson’s The Unexpected Everything was phenomenal. Spectacular. Beautiful.

I’m struggling to find the right words to convey how good it was. Matson is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read. She slowly builds worlds and creates characters that are right next to you as you’re reading, and then the plot sneaks up on you so suddenly you didn’t even realize you were missing it. Her writing is quality and I love it.

She also seems to have a deep understanding of loss, and that is shown in almost all of her books. Her characters experience feelings that we experience, and that makes them relatable. 

The Unexpected Everything slowly built a story that was light, happy, and moving in the right direction. But in classic Matson style, everything good was ripped away, and left shattered. You realize as you’re about to finish the book that there’s no way out. It’s over, ruined. I walked away for five whole minutes, swearing I was done with it… But then I came back just to see what would happen. And in a completely real way the story seemed to fix itself, not by giving us a perfect ending, but by letting life go on (which, in a way, is perfect). As I reached the last few pages my head was spinning with a million thoughts “wait, what… YES, oh well that’s kind of sad… Dang it, WAIT, oh my gosh, YES… Wow… That’s… Wow”. You won’t realize it at first, but this book is one that you’ll come back to read again. 

I hope you read it. 

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake 

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