Review #41

The Sun Is Also A Star is brilliant, engaging, fresh, and endlessly enjoyable. I thought that Yoon couldn’t top Everything, Everything and yet here she did it.

This book is centered around 1 day. 1 day where Daniel, a boy pressured by his Korean parents to go to Yale and to be better better better, and Natasha, a girl from Jamaica who is being deported that night, meet under the rarest of circumstances and have a wild day of events that bring them closer despite the odds. Everyone is connected, and one thing you say or do can change someone’s life, end someone’s life, or make their day just a little bit brighter. This book was witty and snarky, and within minutes of reading you felt as if these characters were right beside you.

Natasha is fact-driven, desperately unemotional, and determined to make things better for herself so that she can have the future she wants. Daniel lives in the clouds, where poets are respected and loved, and where love at first sight is a normal occurrence. However clashing their personalities may be, these two somehow run into each other in the city of New York and slowly (within a day) fall in love. Between Korean Karoke, thieving ex-boyfriends, an attorney who almost gets killed, and a girl mesmerized by a phone case, this novel weaves together the lives of so many people and creates the most perfect, intricate, and deep love story that you could ever imagine.

I recommend this book 1000%, it’s a perfect mix of joy and heartbreak, and I never want to stop reading it.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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