Review #34

Lauren Oliver was a new author to me, and I recently went to the library and literally picked up every single book that was written by her. The first of these that I read was Before I Fall.

Let me please just say, if you liked If I Stay at all, please read this book. It has the same elements that take your breath away, make your toes tingle, and leave you stunned nearly every page. You’ll love it, I promise.

This novel was incredibly impressive. It’s hard to find the proper words for it. I almost feel as though I’ve lived through Samantha Kingston’s life and I am just now waking up from a very short (and somehow very long) dream. “Powerful” is probably the most appropriate word to describe it. This book takes you and slams you face first into real life and, quite frankly, real death. You have no choice. Once you read the first page you are in for the ride.

The story that Lauren Oliver formed in this book is brilliant, and will leave you feeling slightly dizzy if you’re anything like me. I was swept off my feet, and I don’t mean in the romantic, sighing way, I mean in the I-Just-Got-Knocked-Over-On-The-Ice-Rink-And-Suddenly-I’m-On-My-Back sort of way. Oliver is showing us no mercy. This book is raw, real, and harsh in all the ways that are good. I’m starved for more of her writing, and I can’t wait to begin another one of her novels tonight.

Once again I’ve read a book too fast and forgotten my Currently Reading post. So here it is:

Image result for before i fall book

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With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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