Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Happy New Year!

What a relief! After a long year, we’re here! 2017…

So, naturally I have some ‘New Years Resolutions’. Here they are:

  • Read More Books! (Specifically some Poe, more Shakespeare, SeabiscutThe Scarlet Letter, and a book by a new favorite author of mine [more info on that coming soon]). Hopefully 2017 will bring 50+ more reviews to the HH!
  • Love more, smile more, be kinder
  • Stand taller in the face of exhaustion
  • Enjoy life

That’s it. Fairly simple, right?

On a more reflective note, the Hardback Hollow has now officially spanned across 2015, 2016, and 2017, and my hope is that it will exist for many more years to come. Not only is the HH a place for book reviews, it’s an outlet for my thoughts that aren’t always spoken. Amid the hectic happenings of every day life, it’s rare to find time to chat about my favorite books, to appreciate characters, and to really consider what a novel means to me. It’s a special sense of bliss that is given when you’re able to put all of that into an archive like this. I may not be able to update as frequently as I want, and there may be some reviews that are shorter than others because of time constraints, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity to have the Hardback Hollow. It lets me open the floodgates to the part of my mind constantly thinking about books, and it allows those thoughts to be heard.

Thank you to the Hardback Hollowers out there who read and support the HH! You’re all fantastic!

With Smiles and Hope,

Ivy B. Lake

P.S.- To anyone who cares to share their New Years Resolutions as well, please do so! (Leave a comment on any post at any time that you’d like)


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