December Has Come!

(I know this post is a little late… About 15 days too late, but it’s here!)

Welcome to December! My favorite month! It’s busy, but also carries a sense of winding down. Christmas cookies, egg nog, peppermint, the Nutcracker, snow, Christmas trees, Christmas itself, and New Year’s Eve (some of my favorite things). For me, all of these things bring calm, soothing, and slow thoughts that say “hey, let’s take a deep breath (and drink some egg nog). I’ve come this far. It was a great year! Chill, read some books, and listen to Antonín Dvorák!”. On the other hand, with December comes shopping for gifts, studying for midterms *eesh*, and preparing for the new year. This month is both an ending and an anticipation. A reprieve and a time to hustle.

With this being said, Winter Break is approaching! What does this mean? Well, sleep first of all. Lots of it. But most importantly (and relevant), BOOKS! I promise there will be a gazillion posts coming soon, all about my last reads of the year. Thank you for the patience!

With Smiles and Christmas Cheer,

Ivy B. Lake

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