Review #18

We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han was a nice end to her Summer Trilogy. It was good… just a tad predictable. Love triangles are tricky that way, the readers can almost always guess what “twist” will happen next. Other than the fact that about halfway through I could have bet money on her choosing Conrad, the plot was interesting enough and I liked the conclusion. Honestly, I really like Jeremiah as a character. He’s fun and goofy and kind. I even can admit that Belly and him were cute together. But they weren’t meant to be like Conrad and Belly were. Plus, I was mostly mad at him during this book because he cheated on Belly. That was terrible. Conrad may be an introvert and really condescending sometimes, but he’d never do that to her. It’s hard to blame any of them for their actions though because Susannah died and that made everyone practically lose themselves.

This was a pleasant read. Not too exciting and not very suprising, but fun nevertheless. Jenny Han certainly made a good trilogy for being a new writer at the time.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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