Review #17

It’s Not Summer Without You really tugged at my heart. I started reading it thinking that Conrad and Belly were finally a happy couple… and then apparently they weren’t. Conrad was such a jerk at Belly’s prom. And this entire time Jeremiah has been pining for Belly and no one even pays attention to him. It was just so hard to read this because Jenny Han makes it impossible to choose between Susannah’s boys. Speaking of Susannah… I cried when she died. The friendship that Laurel and Susannah had literally spanned over a lifetime. To have that close of a friend where your children are raised together and you never spend more than a year apart is so special.

I really liked the way this novel was set up, and the character development along the way was really interesting. I hope Jeremiah and Belly actually work out and that Conrad just learns to live without Belly. I don’t want him trying to come back to her in the next book. Although… of course he will because this is a love triangle and what else would the next novel be about? 😛

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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