Review #14

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is the kind of book that you pick up and then finish two hours later without even realizing you’ve started it (in a really really good way). I was reading We Were Liars one minute, and then I picked up this book just to read the inside cover… and I didn’t set it down. Before I even had a chance to add a Currently Reading post for this book I was at the end, and trust me I wanted to read it slower and to never finish it. I wanted more time with Eleanor and Park. Sometime’s there’s nothing worse than turning a page and seeing the heading “Acknowledgments”. With some novels it’s a beautiful rush of bliss because there was a happy ending and it was a wonderful story that you can now reflect on, but with books like these seeing that you’ve reached the conclusion makes you want to scream and cry at the same time. I’m already attached to these characters like I would be if this was a 10 book saga. Rainbow Rowell is seriously tugging at my heart and it’s absolutely unfair. Every time I read one of her books I never want them to be done.

This novel is so so so so so so so amazing. I love it. Eleanor & Park is a book that will be definitely be on my shelf. I will keep reading it until somehow I am able to cope with the terrible ending. Love stories are the best. Raw, real, and believable love stories are even better. That was this. Two misfits thrown together by the sad reality of the high school bus system; meant to fall in love from the moment Park shared his comics. I could spend hours posting quotes from this book (in fact… I might do that.)  Except it was shredded apart. Isn’t the beauty of fiction that people fall in love and don’t get torn apart? Or did the awful ending just make their love even more real? Gah. I hated that Eleanor didn’t even open his letters. I really hated that. And then Park went to prom with someone else. One part of me would give anything for their story to be re-written; for them to never stop being in love; for them to get married and listen to the Beatles together forever. Annnd then there’s the other part that says the story wouldn’t have been half as good if it had ended happily. If I’m being honest with myself, Rainbow Rowell made the perfect decision. Eleanor and Park fell in love, that much is true, but high school romances (even ones this powerful) rarely –although it is possible– last “forever”. It was pretty realistic how it happened.

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