Review #13

Caution: SPOILERS!!!

I read–no, devoured–this book in under 8 hours. Not impressive, but the point is… IT’S AMAZING. I thought To all the boys I’ve loved before was fantasticawesomeness (new word), but this was just… too good. What is Jenny Han up to? These books are PERFECT! How does she do it?!

Ok, first of all, I sort of lost my mind when Peter and Lara Jean broke up. I wanted to scream. Peter is the guy. They couldn’t just end it like that because of all the Gen nonsense. I was actually most dissapointed because it seemed like Ms. Han was giving up and taking the easy way out. It was just too predictable for me: Gooddy-two-shoes Lara Jean ends up with the oh-so-perfect John with the blue eyes and blonde hair (he is awesome… but that’s not the point) and Gen gets her popular equal in every way, Peter. I was horrified that the story would go downhill so quickly. I LOVE PETER. Jenny Han couldn’t take him from he like that. Their love was too adorable and sweet and charming to end in such a nonchalant and unfortunate way. Obviously the thing between Gen and Peter wasn’t completely over, but that’s no reason to break up! Ok maybe it is… but this is fiction so I really don’t care about the morality. Lara Jean and Peter are meant to be, I just knew it. Whether he still loved someone else was besides the point.

Soooo I spent most of the end of the book just wanting to eliminate John. He was ruining everything, but at the same time he was really cute… he just frustrates me. The USO party where he dressed up as a soldier made me sort of sigh because Lara Jean and him matched and the kiss was really sweet, but the entire time I was just wanting Peter to come back and sweep her off her feet. But of course he does the opposite and shows up with Gen (ugh). Anyway, John is great and all with his charm and kind personality, but he’s certainly no Peter. Although… the snow globe birthday present was suuuper thoughtful.

Oh wow. I’ve written three paragraphs without even really starting to review the book. Oops. Back to business: I love love love this book and the story could not have been better! It’s even more complicated than the first one and Lara Jean’s life is full of choices more than ever before. P.S. I Still Love You is probably one of my favorite novels that I’ve ever read (that’s saying a lot). The story is too good to even describe and I think I’m probably getting a little too attached to the characters.

With Smiles and smiles and smiles,

Ivy B. Lake


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