Review #12

To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han was sooooo good! I loved every minute of it and I read it in two days (a.k.a. super slowly) but I want to read it again now. Lara Jean is an amazing character, in fact all of the people in this book are realistic and really interesting to read about. At first, I loved Josh (doesn’t everybody love Josh?) but after getting to know Peter I really fell for him. I never would have imagined the book going in that direction… I was sure that Josh was the one for Lara Jean. Who would have thought that the school stud would turn out to be the absolute perfect guy? Peter’s quotes are soo cute! Also, I love Kitty. She reminds me of myself as a little girl.

Anywayyy, now to really talk about the book. The story was exceptional. I loved the concept and I always enjoy a first-person narrative style read, especially from characters like Lara Jean. I could really relate to some of the feelings going on in her life and I didn’t want her story to ever have to end. This book captured a very honest picture of a teenage girl’s life, including the fun things and then the not-so-great moments. While some of the elements were classic (a nerdy girl, a popular boy, a popular girl, the boy next door, etc.) Jenny Han really made them into something of her own and created an individual story for them that was wonderful. I can’t imagine having my personal love notes and letters that were meant to be secret sent to every boy that I had loved… the thought is terrifying! Poor Lara Jean! Although it honestly worked out for her, because she got to have Peter Kavinsky.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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