Review #11

Caution: SPOILERS!

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a deeply woven book that illustrates a much greater meaning than just a group of stranded boys trying to survive together; the story reflects man’s struggle between our savage instincts from long before society and our need to have order and law. This is constantly being represented in the novel by the characters Ralph and Jack, who each want something different but both want to rule. Ralph wants to be civilized and fights off the urge to be wild as best he can, while Jack embraces the lure of killing and ignores his conscience. The book is filled with symbolism and I enjoyed reflecting on every detail. However, no matter many times I read this, I still find it disconcerting to read about the deaths of Simon and Piggy. I’d like to think that if a group of my peers and I were trapped on an island together that we wouldn’t try to kill, burn, or behead each other as the characters in this book did. I always feel sick when I reach the part where Simon is murdered, if simply because he was innocent and an unjust death is hard to swallow. But of course it’s understandable when you remember what the theme of the book is and that the boys were scared and utterly without guidance or law. Overall this book is interesting and very in-depth, but I think reading it twice is enough for me.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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