Review #9

An Abundance of Katherines is definitely my favorite of John Green’s books. A year ago I was drawn to this novel after reading his other works, but now I re-read it time and time again because of the fascinating math involved and the great story. (Yes, I have tried using the formula, but I’ll have to wait and see if it was right. I hope so). Mr. Green’s depiction of a washed-up child prodigy is hilariously true and I love Colin; he’s gloriously unpopular and obsessed with books just like me. This book has a great message of friendship, love, and laughter that I’ll never want to stop reading, and I absolutely adore every character (except TOC and Katrina… for obvious reasons [obvious only for those that have read this book, sorry]). Whether or not Colin becomes a genius is still unknown, along with whether him and Lindsey work out, so I hope we will be blessed with a sequel. In short, this novel is about finding oneself, sometimes the hard way, and experiencing life as you go with an open heart.

Shoutout to my friend Katherine that I’ve known forev’s: Have you dumped any Colins recently? Just kidding 😛

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake

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