Review #5

I just finished Fangirl… and Rainbow Rowell is now working her way to the top of my fav list. Well done *clap clap*. Anyway, here’s my review:

This book starts off with a lot of change. And change can be hard to deal with, or at least hard to deal with properly. But Cath seems to be okay with just about anything if she can write her beloved fic for Simon and Baz (SHOUT OUT TO CARRY ON). Throughout the novel, Cath slowly breaks away from being so tightly tethered to the fictional world of Gemma T. Leslie and is able to actually experience life. Classes challenge her (well duh it’s college) and she has to face the fact that her fan-fiction can’t be considered original work (plagiarism). So while Cath is working through all of this (family issues, school, classmates, writing), she is awarded the spectacular gift that is Levi *sighhh*. And Levi is amazingly wonderful. Without realizing it at first, they fall in love, and Levi is always there for her in the good and the bad. So, in short, Fangirl is a fantastic book about finding yourself and accepting the change that is thrown at your life.

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake


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