Welcome to Summer – 2016 Edition

Dear Hardback Hollowers,

Heya! It’s Ivy L.! Here at the Hardback Hollow I’ll be reviewing books all summer long and posting which one’s I’m reading as I go. I’m planning to read 70 by the end of August, which is 10 more than last summer (yay). I’m a “nerd” and proud to be; I love Shakespeare, Poe, Twain, and playing chess, all while listening to violin concertos. But just because I’m a softy for the classics, doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely LOVE good YA novels. A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Selection Series are my two favorite things to read in the world (yes, I know that those are two very different things but somehow it works).

Though I hate to admit it, I think not owning a phone my entire life has helped feed my obsession with books (so partial thanks is owed to my parental unit), and having a great chair to snuggle up in helps too. For some reason when I read Shakespeare I feel like I have to be listening to orchestras, but when I read fiction I usually listen to some chill indie/alternative-rock (“Foster the People” and “Panic! At the Disco” are AMAZING!).

And yes, I realize that Harry Potter is sort of boring and viewed as childish for my age group (even though we all loved it in elementary), but it was the first major book series I had ever read when I was little and therefore it was the birth of my unquenchable thirst for literature. So a big thank-you-hug to Mrs. Rowling for creating that magical world I grew to love!

It’s obvious by now that I adore books, so you might be wondering if I like to write. Well, the answer is YES. I enjoy writing almost as much as reading! But no, I do not hope to be an author. I mean, yeah, I’ve had teachers and family members suggest it, but I would really rather keep it just a hobby. I love it too much and I think that if I did it as a career I would slowly resent it.

With most YA books comes fanfiction. Do I read it? No. Never. I respect the world’s creativity when it comes to reimagining characters and plots, but a part of me feels that it disrespects an author when someone makes a book into an inappropriate story. Trust me though, I don’t judge anyone who reads it for fun. Almost all of my closest friends like to look up some from time to time to fangirl. And not all of it is bad. I just know that some of it is, so I’d rather just avoid it as a whole.

Okay now for some serious talk… favorite authors! Mine include Kiera Cass, John Green, Marissa Meyer, Colleen Houck, Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare, Morgan Matson, Stephen Chbosky, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Marie Lu (excluding my oldie fav’s like Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Twain, etc.). Oh, and just a shout out to Kiera Cass, YOU ARE AWESOME. Thank you so much for writing The Selection Series and The Siren!!!

Please leave any comments and such that you may have about the books that I review, and also any recommendations based on what I read. I’m looking forward to another great summer!

With Smiles,

Ivy B. Lake